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Completely custom order cake and cupcake shoppe, all items made to order, made completely from scratch; every batch. Over 85 different and unique flavors and delectable confections to soothe any sweet tooth.


AKAKery is a bespoke bakery – which simply means we are a total custom shop, we don’t have display cakes with individual slices for sale, nor do we offer a cupcake special of the day. In other words, we have no products to sell day-to-day, all items are ordered in advance and ready for pickup at the agreed upon time/date. This allows us to give individualized attention to each and every order, and every order is prepared specifically for the intended event. Made from scratch, every batch- takes time so please understand there is no same day order/delivery at AKAKery.


Early ordering is preferred. Orders are taken on a first come/first served basis so weekend deliveries fill up quickly. Generally there are 5 slots per weekend, sometimes scheduled months in advance.


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