National Babysitter’s Day


National Space Day


National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

Facts about St. Patrick’s Day   By   Vicki Hinze     It’s March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, and a lot of celebrations are going on. But what exactly are people celebrating?  Time and distance has a way [...]

Happy New Year!

  Thank you all for a fantastic 2015. Wishing you all the best in 2016! From all of Us at

Merry Christmas!

We wish you joy and many blessings!

Shopping? Hang onto Your Wallet!

SHOPPING?  HANG ONTO YOUR WALLET AND DON’T BREAK THE BANK! By Vicki Hinze    We’re going to shop and spend this season. We do every season. Unfortunately, we often overspend and, when the bills come in, we suffer [...]

Holiday Disorganization at Its Finest

by Jenny Hansen Every holiday season, I lament that I am in possession of the Stuff Disorder gene. Thankfully, I married the Hubs, Mr. Disaster Recovery, and he passed the Supreme Organization gene on to my daughter. Around the holidays, I depend [...]

Cash-Strapped! Solutions to Holiday Gift Buying

Cash-Strapped Solutions for Holiday Gift Buying  By  Vicki Hinze    It’s the holidays and that means along with the traditions, it’s gift-buying time. Family and friends and co-workers and clients; teachers and [...]

Holiday Safe!

Holiday Safety Tips by Vicki Hinze     Buddy up! Avoid traveling or shopping alone at night. There’s safety in numbers.   Keep your kids close. This is not the time to let them wander across the store or away from [...]