Charmed Design


When Lori Cohn faced a near death experience after jaw surgery in 2009, her passion for hand-made jewelry led her to start her own business, Charmed Design. Her business motto is “Be Beautiful. Be Inspired. Be charmed.” Lori’s life experiences reflect her work, especially unique designs that are elegant, sophisticated and beautiful. Every woman who adores jewelry has a taste of Lori’s appreciation for living and loving life.  She transforms her personal tradegy into positive actions and thinking through a jewelry line. Her website features wrap bracelets, earrings, bangle sets and much more.

Her website (www.charmeddesign.com) is offering 50% off with code ‘AJC’ through Saturday, March 30th; $3.50 shipping applies

According to Nedra Rhone, you can find the deal in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Bargain Hunter section online at:http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/atlanta-bargain-hunter/2013/mar/21/b985-radio-deals-charmed-design-phoenix-flies-and-/

Here’s links for facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charmeddesign1012

Twitter: https://twitter.com/charmed1012

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