Soukle Creates the “In” Crowd

Soukle Creates the In Crowd

WHEN :  March 15th 5:30 p.m., 2013

WHERE : at Cypress Street Pint and Plate starting


Soukle will host their monthly event, that attracts local young professionals at the pinnacle of their careers, A Shamrock Soukle, a St. Patrick’s themed networking event.

Soukle events have proven to be one of the most effective networking events in growing social circles and catering to the needs of local young professionals, according to a study done by Thinkory, an award-winning design consultancy.Soukle events are held monthly to connect the bright minds of Atlanta with local thriving establishments. No longer are young professionals burdened with the questions of where to patronize and who to rub elbows with. Events are high energy, engaging, fun and casual.

“The year of 2013, has so far been full of growth and encouragement. Many local professionals are responding to the opportunity to meet new people and expand their horizons. Each event is full of so much light, laughter and authentic personalities” – Jamillah Rahmaad, Soukle Founder Soukle, LLC





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