There’s No Talking in the Men’s Room?

by Jenny Hansen

Men's Room - Vista House, Crown Point, OR via Acroterion | Wikimedia Commons

Men’s Room – Vista House, Crown Point, OR via Acroterion | Wikimedia Commons

Hubby and I have been involved in a long-term (and very informal poll) about Men’s Room Etiquette. It all started in a counseling session a few months back when I made the stray comment wondering “what men talk about in the restroom.”

My husband and the counselor said in unison:
“Oh, there’s no talking!”

Having never been in the men’s room (except when it’s empty and I’m desperate) I was completely surprised. Lord knows, women are running their mouths a mile a minute in the ladies room.

I pressed on. “NO talking? Really??”

They both assured me it was a serious etiquette breach to do any discussing while you’ve got the business in hand. Sometimes, depending on the person and the situation, it MIGHT be acceptable to make chit-chat at the sink while you’re washing your hands.

“But don’t you look? Kind of check out the competition so to speak?”

“No! (said in unison again – it was eery) There’s no looking either. Maybe if you’re gay, you look, but in general it’s considered to be really bad form.”


My hubby isn’t remotely homophobic so I really took his word on this one. However, being the inquisitive sort that I am, I took it to a broader range of guys.

I’ve been asking all my dude friends and they all agree: “There’s no talking!”

But I hadn’t asked my gay friends until we attended our monthly church dinner. (Hey, don’t judge me. This is the same group that got me talking about the Almost X-Rated Garage Sale. You’d have to be there.) We had 6 men in attendance, including my honey and some of the group was gay, which meant I was going to get both sides of that equation.

Surprisingly enough, the vote was a 50/50 split and it didn’t split down the gay/straight line.

The man next to me said, “You can’t help but notice what everyone else is packing 2-3 stalls to your left or right.” Another one said, “Sure I look! I’ve got to see how I stack up.”

Everyone else agreed with my honey: “No talking! No looking!”

As I do with most things, I’m bringing this to my readers. If you’re female, ask a male friend if you need to, but I want to hear from EVERYONE on this one. And if you want to hear what the final word was on men’s room etiquette was over at More Cowbell, click here.

Vote on proper restroom etiquette.

Have you ever wondered about restroom etiquette? Did you wonder for your own gender or for both? Have you ever had a conversation like this at a church dinner? Continue the discussion at the #SocialIn hashtag on Twitter or SocialInDC on Facebook!

~ Jenny


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